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I oppose censorship and support a free and open internet. Share this if you do too.

As the good lord stumbled down from the mountains, he said: "Thou shall not hack!"
Then the devil jumped out of the shadows and hurled back...
"You fool, all those good people already did the whole web crack..."

From the NightOwl, with love...

Greetz and thanx to some special friends in CyberSpace...

Friends of Israel

All the Folks at "the Huus"

It's good to believe in people
Creatin' a meeting place called "Home"


There's a kind of eternal emotion
wisdom and tenderness
Only given to the sensitive soul...
who's touched by the majesty of the Himalaya
or by the tears of beauty of Taj Mahal
Greetz from Socrates

Some friends to remember, keep in touch

Namaste ! And Dhanyabad to you all
Prakash Rajak (Khajuraho, India)
Sailesh Bhatt (Faridabad, India)
Avinash Sharma (Jaipur, India)
Shyam Karki (Lalitpur, Kathmandu, Nepal)

Lucas B. (aka "Daddy Cool")

Hey man, finally found this site... Have a warm welcome from the NightOwl !
Have fun with the new system !
Just ask and thou shall be given (from the bible, I think...;-)


The power of love
made a dream come true
forever growin'

Jo (aka the Joker)

A friend to relay on...

Jane & M.

It's good to know there're still people like you both
That's a treasure to keep in the heart...

Happy Famous Artists (aka Jef)

The other dimension in Art !


Be the angel, be the bitch...
But whatever comes to your mind
Let FreeMotion be your style (hey, go there on this site...)
And remember that name, Princess... Don't make it for less...

ZaZa ZaZou (aka Ly. & R.)

It's good to see how people stand by each other...

And of course... As always, AyAye Sir (aka Big Chief)

Brought a home to many people
may it bring a home to you
Good luck on the road to freedom
Uggh !

thanx for visiting and have fun on the web

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