Whether you plan to buy a completely assembled computer system or whether you want to build a system yourself, a personalized selection of components suitable to your specific needs is most important. To get maximum performance, any computer system must be build up of high quality components with a perfect match, otherwise the overall system's performance will go down, 'cause of one or more weak links in the component chain.

The selection below is based on personal experience, testing and comparing technical charts, combined with other opinions and lots of reviewing information. All featured components are of high quality. They are not necessary the latest "state of the art" series, but they will meet almost all common needs when building a fine and powerful all-round home computer system. As this list is meant to be an easy and just practical guide to novice users, no detailed technical specifications are included. Full details, actual info and component specifications can be found at the manufacturer's sites indicated below.

Concerning price/quality, these components will give you "lots of computer for your money". Also, the system will be a long lasting system, maybe several years with or without important upgrades, as far as this is possible to predict in a fast changing hardware market.

Still, every selection is -more or less- personal and much depends on the use of the system. So -although they're all of high quality- the performance of some of the listed components may be to low for some specific needs (such as hardcore gaming), while other components maybe a little to performant, or not absolutely needed for some specific, only basic use (although some extra power will make computing easier for everyone and the system will be better prepared for future needs). Also, it's obvious that besides the manufacturers listed here, many other companies also produce top-level components.

As the hardware market is changing day by day, this list does not pretend to be complete, nor it is constantly updated. When component series, actual types and/or images are provided, this is only meant as a reference point from which the user can decide to search for higher or lower performance components, meeting the same high quality standards and meeting his or hers personal needs.

And remember this:

if you want to build your system yourself, keep in mind that, in some cases, things may become a little complicated, and maybe you'll have to learn; but there's plenty of help available all over the internet; also most top-component manufacturers have user help and fora on their websites; and in most cases, your computer parts reseller (or computer-savvy friends) can help you out

if you want a ready-made system, go to a good computer shop dealing top brand components. They will help you to select the components specific to your needs, and they will build the system for you.


in case you build your own system from scratch, it's obvious that the decision which software you want to install is only up to you; you choose the operating system of your choice and the applications you need

more or less the same will it be if you buy a "no-name" customized system, personally build for you, after choosing the components, eventually with the help of an authorized vendor; then, if you wish, the operating system of your choice can be pre-installed

if you want to buy a "brand" computer, carefully take the following into consideration:

- the hardware must meet your specific computing needs: a possibility of customization (selection of components) is important
- the system must be available with or without an operating system
- the system must be available with the operating system selected by the user

- if the system is delivered with a pre-installed operating system, it must include the original operating system setup-media
  (e.g. original Microsoft Windows (tm) installation dvd)

- the system must be available without any unwanted pre-installed software(no "crapware")
- only the software choosen and asked for by the user may be installed on the system

Featured Components





System Case CoolerMaster http://www.coolermaster.com
System Case Lian-Li http://lian-li.com
PSU (Power Supply Unit) CoolerMaster http://www.coolermaster.com
PSU (Power Supply Unit) Corsair http://www.corsairmemory.com
PSU (Power Supply Unit) Zalman http://www.zalman.co.kr
MotherBoard Asus http://www.asus.com
MotherBoard GigaByte http://www.gigabyte.com.tw
CPU (Processor) Intel http://www.intel.com
CPU (Processor) Cooler Zalman http://www.zalman.co.kr
CPU (Processor) Cooler Noctua http://www.noctua.at
RAM (Memory) Corsair http://www.corsairmemory.com
RAM (Memory) Crucial http://www.crucial.com
Graphic Card (Chipset) nVidia http://www.nvidia.com
Graphic Card (Maker) EVGA http://www.evga.com
Graphic Card (Maker) PNY http://www3.pny.com
Sound Card Creative http://www.creative.com
Floppy Drive Mitsumi http://www.mitsumi.com
Floppy Drive/Card Reader Scythe http://www.scythe.com
Floppy Drive/Card Reader Teac http://www.teac.com
Hard-Disk(s) Western Digital http://www.wdc.com
SSD (Solid State Disk(s)) Crucial http://www.crucial.com
SSD (Solid State Disk(s)) Western Digital http://www.wdc.com
DVD/CD Reader LG http://www.lge.com
DVD/CD Reader Samsung http://www.samsung.com
DVD/CD Writer LG http://www.lge.com
DVD/CD Writer Samsung http://www.samsung.com






Laptop BTO NoteBooks http://www.bto.eu
Laptop XNB (x notebooks) http://www.xnotebooks.nl
Laptop CLEVO (barebone) different resellers (re-branded) - e.g. info at http://www.bytesatwork.be
Laptop (hybride) Microsoft http://www.microsoft.com






Tablet-PC (O/S Microsoft Windows) Microsoft http://www.microsoft.com
Tablet-PC (O/S Microsoft Windows) Samsung http://www.samsung.com
Tablet-PC (O/S Microsoft Windows) Asus http://www.asus.com






Monitor Eizo http://www.eizo.com
Monitor Iiyama http://www.iiyama.com
Monitor Samsung http://www.samsung.com
Monitor LG http://www.lge.com
Monitor Asus http://www.asus.com
KeyBoard Cherry http://www.cherrycorp.com
KeyBoard Ducky http://www.duckychannel.com.tw
KeyBoard Corsair http://www.corsairmemory.com
KeyBoard GigaByte http://www.gigabyte.com.tw
Mouse CoolerMaster http://www.coolermaster.com
Mouse Corsair http://www.corsairmemory.com
Mouse GigaByte http://www.gigabyte.com.tw
External Hard-Disk Western Digital http://www.wdc.com
Sound Boxes Creative http://www.creative.com
Sound Boxes Logitech http://www.logitech.com
Graphic Pen Tablet Wacom http://www.wacom.com
Printer Xerox http://www.xerox.com
Printer Canon http://www.canon.com
Printer Epson http://www.epson.com
Photo Scanner Epson http://www.epson.com
Router Linksys http://www.linksys.com
Network Switch Icidu http://www.icidu.com






WebCam Microsoft http://www.microsoft.com
Digital Camera (SLR) Nikon http://www.nikon.com
Digital Camera (SLR) Canon http://www.canon.com
Digital Camera (compact) Panasonic http://www.panasonic.com
Digital Video Camera Canon http://www.canon.com






SmartPhone HTC http://www.htc.com
SmartPhone Samsung http://www.samsung.com
SmartPhone (O/S Ms Windows) Microsoft http://www.microsoft.com



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