Software distribution methods : software can be expensive, cheap, or just for free... Find it out before spending money on a program


Software installation and removal : some useful beginner's tips on the installation and un-installation of software





Internet search and navigation : How to find and save what you're looking for on the internet ; make surfing a lot easier and more fun


E-Mail and e-mail accounts : there are many ways to use e-mail, discover which way suits you the most


File Handling


File formats and extensions : basic and necessary knowledge about the files on your computer and how the system handles them


Graphic file-formats


Image formats : an easy and practical guide on how images, photos and graphics are stored and how to use them in your documents


Internet Security and Privacy




Due to the overwhelming use of all kinds of malicious software on the internet these days (such as tracking methods, spy-software,
browser hijackers and other malware) attacking your privacy and resulting in a slower and even unstable system, it became absolutely
necessary for each and every user to protect their system.

If you want more info about internet security, then read the security info-pages below. Besides lots of other good programs, you also
find a fine selection of anti-spyware and other security programs in the "Software Toplist" section on this site.

It's time to hit back and get rid of all kinds of unwanted software. Let's kick those bandits out of the net !



Basic security and privacy : introduction to internet security; info on the most common threats and some basic protection info


E-mail security and privacy : some easy steps to take ; no computer knowledge needed, just a few basic precautions will do


Web security and privacy : basic but indispensable info to avoid malicious scripts, virii and other malicious software on the web


The "potentially dangerous file" list : easy way to detect files which could possibly be harmful; a simple look at the file may be enough





Troubleshooting overview : an introduction to home computer problems and solutions;determinating the cause; things to know first


Application software fixes : an easy "how-to" guide on resolving some common application-software related computer problems


Malware forced removal : how to remove malicious software which won't un-install normally and how to detect hidden threats


System cleanup : over time, the system get's slower and "clogged" with useless data, software left-overs and more... time to clean up


System restore : a novice "step-by-step" guide to do a full system restore (including the creation and use of boot-disks if necessary)



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